April 1st FNN News Programming Changes

The Florida News Network will undergo some major programming changes effective Monday, April 1, 2019 adding MORE newscasts along with updating some program lengths.

We recognize that over the years your needs have changed and understand that there is a desire to shorten and standardize the lengths of these programs to better fit your station’s format.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve entered into a partnership with NBC News Radio to provide our affiliates the rights to an (optional) hourly national news brief available for your use with no additional commercial clearance required.


  • Our 4-minute news package at the bottom of the hour will now be 3 minutes (2 minutes content + 1 minute spot).

  • Our 4-minute sports packages at 7:10AM and 8:10AM (Mon-Sun), and a 3:30 sports package at 4:06PM (Mon-Fri) will now be 3-minute sports packages (2 minutes content + 1 minute spot) at all three feed times.

  • Our 2:30 business news packages at 7:06AM and 8:06 AM (Mon-Fri) will now be 2-minute packages (1 minute content + 1 minute spot). The 12:06PM business report will remain unchanged at 2 minutes (1 minute content + 1 minute spot).

FNN Additions:

  • The new 3-minute state newscast packages will now be fed at the top of the hour and repeated at the bottom of the hour (6a-6:30p Mon-Sun)

  • A new 1-minute state newscast brief will be fed at :25 past the hour (6:25a-6:25p Mon-Sun)

  • The new 1-minute (no spot) NBC News update will be fed at :27 past the hour (6:27a-6:27p Mon-Sun)

    As usual, there will be a net cue sent on the satellite feed before the commercial starts, so you can opt to cutaway and schedule the spot to run (as per your affiliate agreement) elsewhere in the hour.

    ***None of the above additions/changes will alter your spot clearance commitment. No additional inventory is needed to run the new 1-minute state newscast or the NBC news minute.

The new program schedule is here.

New Local Branding Options (FNN OnDemand/FTP):

  • Except for the NBC news minutes, all satellite fed news, sports, and business news products will bear the FNN brand as in the past.

  • Stations downloading via FTP or the FNN OnDemand website will have a choice between FNN-branded products and un-branded products. The un-branded products will be posted without commercials and the content portion will be 10 seconds shorter than the branded ones. State newscasts & sportscasts will be 1:50 in length and state news minutes and business news minutes will be :50 in length. This allows for a locally produced billboard and/or tag to fill out the length - for example “Now, statewide news from the WXXX Newsroom.”

Technical Changes:

With the new additions/changes above come some net cue changes for your XDS receiver and some new FTP download credentials. This information will be posted here the week of March 25th. New XDS programs will appear in your XDS program menus that week and can be scheduled to run live or time shifted beginning April 1. As with all FNN XDS programming, elements can be time shifted anywhere within the hour as desired after the program has fed.


Read our Program Changes FAQ or contact FNN at (888)407-4376, option 2 during normal business hours or email help@fnnonline.net.