Noticias 24-7

Full Day Programming

FNN's Spanish language news service is Noticias 24-7. Newscasts are 90 seconds in length plus a one minute commercial fed on your XDS Satellite receiver, FNN Ondemand website, and FTP transfer.


In your XDS web based scheduler, choose the program "FNN Noticias 24/7 (L or R)". The newscasts are fed at :20 past each hour from 6:20AM through 6:20PM ET. You may schedule them live or delayed. Netcues: "FNNACSTRT" for start (@:20 past), "FNNACCTWY" for cutaway (@:21:30 past), and "FNNACEND" for the end (@22:30 past).

FNN OnDemand

After logging into FNN OnDemand choose "Noticias 24-7". The page will display two newcast cuts that will be overwritten each hour from 6:20AM through 6:20PM. One cut is the newscast with the commercial(s), the other is the newscast without commercials. Note: If you use the latter, you must schedule the commercials in your system separately as per your affiliation agreement. Spots can be downloaded from the FNN OnDemand site.


The same cuts displayed on the OnDemand web page can be accessed via FTP:
Username: FNNNOT
Password: 2019Connect

Filenames are as follows:

Without Commercial(s): "FNNNOT.MP3"
With Commercial(s): "FNNNOT-CA.MP3"

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Worthington at (904)596-7365 during regular business hours.