Fall Solar Outages

Have alternate programming standing by

FNN satellite transmissions will be affected by the biannual solar outages beginning on or around September 30, 2021 and lasting through approximately October 10, 2021. An outage with a duration of 6-15 minutes will occur sometime between 2:45PM and 3:15PM EDT. The exact time and duration depends upon your location and quality of your downlink installation.

Please have alternate programming standing by for these outages.

For a more detailed calculation for your specific location go here:


Our satellite is at 105 degrees West. The calculator calls it "AMC-15 | AMC-18 | GOES-14" (it's really "SES-11").

If you have any questions, please call FNN at (888)407-4376, option 2 during normal business hours or Premiere Network Operations 24/7 at (818)461-5409.