What is FNN?

The Florida News Network has been a prominent source of radio news and talk programming for Floridians for 30 years.  Formerly known as "Florida's Radio Networks", FNN is a full service multimedia company providing state news to radio stations (in English and Spanish), websites, and mobile devices.

Radio news is provided to more than 55 stations throughout the Sunshine State via live hourly newscasts and/or news product that stations incorporate into their own locally produced newscasts.  In return for these services, affiliates run FNN commercial schedules.

Internet news product is provided to websites owned by other companies, radio stations, or organizations through a service called Florida Broadband News.  The same award-winning news that is provided on the radio is presented in text form on more than 35 websites throughout the state.  Images, audio clips, and video are also posted to websites through this service.  Tile and banner advertisements are attached to each story page reaching internet news readers.

This same internet news product is available to computer desktops via Yahoo widgets.  Windows users can display our news stories on their computers with just a click of the mouse.  For more information on Yahoo Widgets visit their website.  To get the "GoFla.us" widget go here.

Our internet news is also available on mobile devices!  Simply type "MyFlaNews.mobi" into a mobile browser for the latest Florida news.  Banner advertisements are available on this service as well.

For more information contact sales@fnnonline.net or call (888)407-4376.

Downloads: Station List | Average Quarter Hour Ratings | Cume Ratings | Media Kit