Affiliate Home Satellite Distribution Schedule

Please Note: The information displayed below is provided as a convenience to our network affiliates.  The information is based on schedules provided to FNN by each sports network rights holder.  FNN is not responsible for accuracy.  Contact the affiliate representative for each network for official broadcast schedules. For game day verification contact the FNN Network Control Center at (888)407-4376, option 2. Note that "Air Times" listed below are the times the air-worthy feed begins on the satellite channel.  This may or may not be the air time your station is contracted to begin carrying the broadcast.  Please check with the network rights holder for specifics.

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FNN Satellite Distribution Schedule  7/20/2024 9:50:35 PM through 8/18/2024 9:50:35 PM Eastern Time

Date Air Time Network Program/Opponent XDS Program Name Audio Channel